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Draft report

Draft report - Shared problem, shared solutions (March 2016)
Media release - Pest animal draft report calls for major reform (March 2016)
Presentation - Pest animal review public meetings (April-May 2016)

Draft report fact sheets:
Overview of pest animal management (March 2016)
Widespread pest animals (March 2016)
Deer management (March 2016)
Feral cat management (March 2016)
Feral horse management (March 2016)
Carp management (March 2016)
Recreational hunting (March 2016)

In March 2016, the Natural Resources Commission (the Commission) released the draft report on pest animal management review.

This draft report has been prepared in response to a Terms of Reference from the Premier, which asked the Commission to review the management of pest animals in NSW across all land tenures for economic, environmental and social benefits.

The Commission now invites public submissions on the draft report, which aim to:

  • address new and emerging risks by focusing on risk pathways and surveillance
  • provide greater support to local communities through strengthened governance and planning, on-ground coordinators, stronger enforcement and expanding research efforts
  • improve management approaches for feral deer, cats and horses.

Public meetings

In addition to public submissions, the Commission held a series of public meetings across the state to provide community and stakeholders further opportunity to comment on the draft report and draft recommendations.

Next steps

Feedback received on the draft report through submissions, public meetings and targeted consultation will assist the Commission in developing a final report, which will now be provided to the Premier by 7 July 2016.

If you wish to receive updates on this review, please complete the feedback form.

About the review

The review will identify opportunities for improving arrangements for pest animal management in NSW.

In developing our advice, the Commission will:

  • investigate the quality of evidence and processes supporting prioritisation decisions
  • identify priority pest animal issues and emerging risks
  • consider examples of best practice and the barriers to more effective pest animal management
  • evaluate opportunities to better coordinate, redirect or grow investment and management across different tenures and pest species
  • identify priority research needs
  • investigate ways to promote community ownership in pest animal management
  • consider implementation and transitional issues.

The review considers introduced and freshwater vertebrate species. Native animals and animals in the marine environment are not included.

The Premier requested the Commission to establish an advisory committee, headed by the Commissioner Dr John Keniry. This Committee consists of representatives from the Department of Primary Industries, Local Land Services and the Office of Environment and Heritage. Mr Terry Korn PSM is an independent member on the Committee.

Background information

Pest animals create significant economic, social and environmental costs for NSW. The losses extend far beyond agriculture and pest management costs, to major social and emotional impacts on landholders and communities.

Currently, pest animals are managed across different tenures by private and public land managers. There is a perception that the pest animal problem is getting worse despite efforts of landholders and governments, and that more coordinated approaches are needed.

Several pieces of legislation are relevant to pest animals and their management, including the Local Land Services Act 2013, the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002, and the Biosecurity Act 2015.

Submissions on issues paper

Submissions were received through the online submission form, email and post.

The following link contains a document that includes 148 submissions that were received through the online submission form and via email, post or fax. Once the ‘All Online Submissions’ document is open, click the Bookmarks symbol () for quick access to a specific submission. The Bookmarks symbol is located on the top right hand side of the webpage if you are using Chrome or left hand side of the page if you are using Internet Explorer.

All Online Submissions

The below submissions were received as an attachment to the online submission or separately through email or post.

Feedback or enquiries

If you wish to make a general comment about the review, provide us with feedback or you have any enquiries, please contact the Commission on (02) 9228 4844 or complete the feedback form.

(Image of feral pigs: Brian Boyle, courtesy of NSW Department of Primary Industries)