Baselines and long-term monitoring

Forest management in NSW aims to achieve ecological, social, cultural and economic outcomes for the people of NSW. The program uses a range of scientific approaches to generate evidence to evaluate whether outcomes are achieved under the NSW Forest Management Framework. For example, retrospective analysis to develop baselines, research, testing effectiveness of management and field monitoring and remote sensing.

The program has now invested over $2.5 million in projects with over 20 partners including leading universities, Aboriginal organisations, consultancies and NSW agencies.

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Forest ecosystem health
Biological diversity
Soil and water resources

Aboriginal values and management
Productive capacity and sustainability
Social and economic benefits
Contribution to global carbon cycles

Investing in priority information

A set of state-wide evaluations questions guide investment in priority information collection for the Forest Monitoring and Improvement Program. The questions link monitoring, evaluation and research to government, stakeholder and community needs about the outcomes sought for forest management in NSW.

* Image of Aboriginal values and management supplied by Banbai Rangers