Private native forestry

Farm Forestry (also known as Private Native Forestry) is the sustainable management of native forests on private property for timber production in line with the objects of Part 5B in the Local Land Services Act 2013. The rules for forestry on private land are established in four codes of practice (the codes), which cover Northern NSW, Southern NSW, River Red Gum Forests, and Cypress and Western Hardwood Forests.

In May 2022, the NSW Government released revised codes following advice from the Natural Resources Commission into finalising the codes. Click here to read more details.

Improving the evidence base for Farm Forestry

The codes establish monitoring, assessment and adaptive management requirements. The codes (s4.3 [2] [3]) task the NSW Forest Monitoring Steering Committee, independently chaired by the Commission to:

  • propose and oversee a Private Native Forestry Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PNF MER) framework
  • conduct annual checks to ensure the evidence base, including maps, is up to date, identify emerging evidence from monitoring and research, and opportunities for improvement
  • oversee updates to the PNF Koala Prescription Map
  • formally assess the data and evidence every five years and advise relevant Ministers whether there is sufficient evidence to warrant a review of the codes.

The PNF MER framework will require joint approval by the CEO of Local Land Services and the Secretary of Department of Planning and Environment.

The Forest Monitoring Steering Committee oversees the NSW Forest Monitoring and Improvement Program. This overarching program improves the evidence-base for decision-making for forest management across tenures. Activities under the PNF MER framework will align with and inform the broader program.

Improving the Koala Prescription Mapping

The codes specify that the NSW Forest Monitoring Steering Committee will oversee updates to the PNF Koala Prescription Map. The Commission and Committee will work with agency scientists and experts to further refine the PNF Koala Prescription Map over time and will provide updates as this work progresses.

The PNF Koala Prescription Map can only be updated with the joint approval of relevant Ministers.