River red gum forests assessment

Recommendations report (December 2009)
Final assessment report (December 2009)

Through a Terms of Reference, the NSW Government asked the Commission to assess the river red gum and woodland forests in the Riverina bioregion.

The Commission's assessment and recommendations provided information on managing the river red gum forests into the future, and allowed Government to make decisions and put in place a forest agreement.

In response to our recommendations, the Government put in place the Integrated Forestry Operations Approval for Riverina Red Gum (commenced on 1 January 2011) under the National Park Estate (Riverina Red Gum Reservations) Act 2010.

The final assessment report is available in full or as separate chapters and appendices. The supporting map book provides additional mapping detail, compared to the A4 maps provided within the final assessment report, to help the reader rapidly distinguish features of interest.

Recommendations report
Final assessment report: Full report (15 MB)
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Appendices
Supporting map book (7 MB)
Socio-economic impact assessment (by Arche Consulting Pty Ltd)

Further advice on long term sustainable wood yields

The final assessment report presented estimates of long term sustainable yields from the main river red gum forests of the Central Murray Management Area. To help inform its response to our recommendations, the Government asked for a more precise estimate of the timber yield for each forest group in the Riverina bioregion.

We consulted with the former Forests NSW (now Forestry Corporation of NSW) and provided further advice on estimates of long term (100 year) sustainable yields of quota sawlogs, and Forests NSW estimates of standing stock of quota sawlogs.

This advice did not change any of the findings or recommendations contained in our assessment and recommendations reports.

Further advice on long term sustainable wood yields (February 2010)
Letter to the Premier (February 2010)

Ecological thinning trial

As part of its overall recommendations on river red gum and woodland forests, the Commission recommended large-scale trials of ecological thinning across all main river red gum forest groups.

We suggested the trials should be instigated promptly, applying the forest management principles in our final assessment report. We also suggested the NSW, Victorian, South Australian and Australian Governments should work towards establishing collaborative and adaptive management arrangements on relevant red gum forests along the Murray.

Since these recommendations, the NSW Government has commenced planning including associated environmental approvals to implement a trial in the Murray Valley National Park (Millewa forests) to determine the effectiveness of ecological thinning to promote conservation outcomes in river red gum forests.

More information is available on the ecological thinning trial on the Office of Environment and Heritage website.

Advice on boundary adjustments to river red gum reserves

The National Park Estate (Riverina Red Gum Reservations) Act 2010 includes provisions to adjust reserve boundaries, if necessary.

In 2012, the Minister for the Environment sought our advice on adjustments to boundaries of the red gum reserves, proposed by the Office of the Environment and Heritage.

Based on our advice, the NSW Government has since approved a scientifically monitored grazing trial in some river red gum reserves.

Overview of submissions

We received 5,534 submissions from organisations and individuals, of which 259 were unique and the remainder were form letters or emails. We reviewed and considered every submission during the preparation of our assessment report and the recommendations report.

These submissions were on our preliminary assessment report and the Government's terms of reference.

Submissions on preliminary assessment report

  1. ANGAIR Inc.
  2. Australian Centre for Biodiversity
  3. Australian Conservation Foundation
  4. Balranald Shire Council
  5. Bird Observation and Conservation Australia
  6. Bird Observation and Conservation Australia - Echuca
  7. Byron Environmental and Conservation Organisation
  8. Campi Bulk Transport Pty Ltd
  9. Canopy Native Forest Committee
  10. Central West Environment Council
  11. Clarence Environment Centre
  12. Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition Inc.
  13. Conargo Shire Council
  14. Deniliquin Council
  15. Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  16. Environment groups (1.4 MB)
  17. Firewood and Log Residue Working Group
  18. Friends of the Earth Australia
  19. Friends of the Koala Committee
  20. Glen Eira Environment Group
  21. Gulpa Sawmills Pty Ltd
  22. Hay Shire Council
  23. High Country Conservation Alliance Inc.
  24. Humane Society International
  25. Hunter Environment Lobby Inc.
  26. Inland Rivers Network
  27. Mathoura Chamber of Commerce and Citizens Inc
  28. Mudgee District Environment Group
  29. Murray Catchment Management Authority
  30. Murray Darling Basin Authority
  31. Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations
  32. Murrumbidgee Field Naturalists
  33. Nambucca Valley Conservation Association Inc.
  34. National Parks Association of NSW
  35. National Parks Association (Coffs Harbour & Bellingen)
  36. National Parks Association - Reserve Committee
  37. National Parks Association - Three Valleys
  38. Nature Conservation Council of NSW
  39. North Central Catchment Management Authority
  40. North Coast Environment Council Inc.
  41. North East Forest Alliance
  42. Northern Beaches Greens
  43. Northern Inland Environment Council
  44. NSW Apiarists Association Inc.
  45. NSW Forest Products Association (19.5 MB)
  46. NSW Red Gum Forest Action Inc.
  47. Oatley Flora and Fauna Conservation Society Inc.
  48. Pikapene and Cherry Tree Environment Centre Inc.
  49. Rainforest Information Centre
  50. Redgum Timber Producers (Australia) Pty Ltd
  51. Riverina And Murray Regional Organisation of Councils
  52. Rivers and Red Gum Environment Alliance (1.1 MB)
  53. Shire of Wakool
  54. South East Forest Rescue
  55. STEP Inc.
  56. Terania Native Forests Action Group
  57. The Colong Foundation for Wilderness
  58. The Institute of Foresters of Australia
  59. The Nationals
  60. The Wilderness Society Sydney
  61. Victorian Apiarists Association Inc
  62. Wingham Forest Action
  63. Wombat Forestcare Inc.
  64. Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre Aboriginal Corpn (3 MB)

  1. Adrian Cooper
  2. Aleisha Kahn
  3. Amanda Cubitt
  4. Andrew Cox
  5. Barrie Dexter (4.7 MB)
  6. Barry Jackson
  7. Beatrice Thomson
  8. Beth Williams
  9. Betty Woods
  10. Boudicca Cerese
  11. Brian Connor
  12. Cecile van der Burgh
  13. Chris and Dawn Crump
  14. Colin Moss
  15. Coral Robinson
  16. David Joss
  17. David Belton
  18. Dean and Naomi Attwell
  19. Debbie Andrew
  20. Dora Koops
  21. Dorothy Robinson
  22. Elizabeth Brasseur
  23. Elizabeth Makin
  24. Evan Christen
  25. Garry Hall
  26. Gary Hull
  27. George Crack
  28. Gerry McGilvray
  29. Glen Slocombe
  30. Graham Fry
  31. Group C (183 form emails)
  32. Group D (3598 form emails)
  33. Hania Lada
  34. Heather Roy
  35. Helena Roberts
  36. Hugh McGregor
  37. Ian Campbell
  38. Ian Tanner
  39. Ifeanna Tooth
  40. Jacqui Ellis
  41. Jacquie Kelly
  42. James Somerville
  43. Jamie Pittock
  44. Jane Watson
  45. Jim Kelton
  46. Jim Morris
  47. Jimmy Ingram
  48. Joan Boyd
  49. Joel Smith
  50. John Dawson
  51. John Leonard
  52. Jonathan Howard
  53. Judith Morton
  54. Kate Boyd
  55. Keith Lethlean
  56. Ken and Faye O'Brien
  57. Kim Bebensee
  58. Lauriston Muirhead
  59. Lee Hannan
  60. Louis du Plessis
  61. Lynden Jacobi
  62. M and V Atkinson
  63. Margaret McLean (1.1 MB)
  64. Maria Riedl (1.9 MB)
  65. Mark Graham
  66. Mark Membrey
  67. Mathew Churchill
  68. Neville Williams
  69. Paul Connellan
  70. Paul Stark
  71. Penelope Drake-Brockman
  72. Penny Davidson
  73. Ron Webster
  74. Rosemary and Nicholas Chernov
  75. Ross Macfarlane
  76. Scott Daines
  77. Stewart Taylor
  78. Tara Cameron
  79. Tim Scrace
  80. Todd Gelletly (6.2 MB)
  81. Victor Eddy
  82. Yung En Chee

Submissions on Terms of Reference

  1. Arbuthnot Sawmills Pty Ltd
  2. Balranald Shire Council (1.7 MB)
  3. Berrigan Shire Council
  4. Bird Observation and Conservation Australia
  5. Bullatale Creek Landholders
  6. Bullatale Creek Trust
  7. Bushwalking Victoria (6.8 MB)
  8. Citizens Wildlife Corridors Armidale Inc.
  9. Combined submission - Farmers, irrigators and landholders
  10. Conargo Shire Council
  11. Culpra Milli Aboriginal Corporation
  12. Cummergunja
  13. Ecological Surveys and Planning
  14. Falbrook Wildlife Refuge
  15. Friends of the Earth Australia
  16. Hunter Community Environment Centre
  17. J and G Coulter Pty Limited
  18. Lower Murray Darling CMA
  19. Murray Shire Council
  20. Nambucca Valley Conservation Association
  21. National Parks Association of NSW
  22. Nature Conservation Council NSW
  23. North East Forest Alliance
  24. Northern Inland Council for the Environment
  25. NSW Forest Products Association (10.8 MB)
  26. NSW Red Gum Forest Action Inc.
  27. Save Manly Dam Catchment Committee Inc.
  28. South East Forest Rescue
  29. The Colong Foundation for Wilderness Ltd
  30. The Friends of Eastern Otways
  31. The Nationals, Member for Burrinjuck
  32. The Wilderness Society Sydney
  33. Timber Communities Australia
  34. Total Environment Centre Inc
  35. Victorian National Parks Association
  36. Wiringal

  1. Alan and Anea Hurdle
  2. Alison Dunne
  3. Andrew Luke and Helen Gargan
  4. Angela Munro
  5. Annabelle Ford
  6. Annette Hollingworth
  7. Barry Allen
  8. Beverley Warren
  9. Brendan Nugent
  10. Carl Gosper
  11. Carol Collins
  12. Caroline Williams
  13. Carrie Rieden
  14. Catriona Lamberton
  15. Chris and Dawn Crump
  16. Colin Smith
  17. Connie Campbell
  18. Damien Langlois
  19. David Joss
  20. Deborah Kellock
  21. Denise Lytle
  22. Elaine Bayes
  23. Elizabeth Makin
  24. Genevieve Moore
  25. Geoff and Todd Gelletly
  26. Graeme Butterbury
  27. Gray Ardern
  28. Group A (1000 form letters)
  29. Group B (500 form letters)
  30. Ian Price
  31. Ian and Marjo Chambers
  32. Ilona Renwick
  33. Irene Richardson
  34. Irene Schardijn
  35. Ivor Morton
  36. Jacquie Kelly
  37. Jaden Harris
  38. John Sampson
  39. Karinda Stone
  40. Joel Smith
  41. John Thompson
  42. Kim Lowe
  43. Linda Thomas
  44. Lucia Fischer
  45. Lucy Palmer
  46. Margaret MacDonald
  47. Margaret and Peter Kurz
  48. Marie-Claire Porcedo
  49. Marie Mensforth
  50. Martin Lippmann
  51. Mervyn Colville
  52. Michele Damschke
  53. Michael Easton
  54. Michael Mardel
  55. Michael Mizzi
  56. Michelle da Silva
  57. Naomi Hodgson
  58. Nathan Tremain
  59. Nick Pastalatzis
  60. Nicole Cranston
  61. Patricia Hale
  62. Patricia Rovik
  63. Patrick Taggert
  64. Paul Edmonds
  65. Penny Davidson
  66. Peter Lister
  67. Peter McCarthy
  68. Petra Riverani
  69. Piers Gooding
  70. Rachel Melrose
  71. Rebecca Lodge
  72. Regina Bos
  73. Rita Fox
  74. Roman Suwald
  75. Ron Sharples
  76. Rosie White
  77. Russell Douglas (2.5 MB)
  78. Russell Moore
  79. SA Sullivan
  80. Sally Millington
  81. Samantha Kent
  82. Sarah Neal
  83. Sophian Aubin
  84. Stephanie Burke
  85. Sue Adams
  86. Susan Peake
  87. Tanys Boschma
  88. Thomas Colley
  89. Tim Scrace
  90. Tim Thorncraft
  91. Todd Gelletly
  92. Valerie Valuntas
  93. Vanessa Culliford
  94. Vicky McCleary
  95. Victor Eddy
  96. Warwick Sprawson
  97. Wendy Auton
  98. Wendy Renehan
  99. Yuki Schofield
  100. Zoe Melville