South-western cypress state forests assessment

Assessment report (May 2010)

Through a Terms of Reference, the NSW Government asked the Commission to assess south-western cypress state forests in NSW.

Our assessment report provided information on how the cypress state forests should be managed into the future, and allowed Government to make decisions and put in place a forest agreement.

In response to our recommendations, the Government put in place an Integrated Forestry Operations Approval for South-Western Cypress Region (commenced on 1 July 2011) under the National Park Estate (South-Western Cypress Reservations) Act 2010.

Our assessment report (7.9MB) is supported by a map book (14.5 MB) that provides a map and profile of each forest and includes a set of potential corridor maps.

Advice on boundary adjustments to south-western cypress reserves

The National Park Estate (South-Western Cypress Reservations) Act 2010 includes provisions to adjust reserve boundaries, if necessary.

In 2012, the Minister for the Environment sought our advice on adjustments to boundaries of the cypress reserves.

Based on our advice, the NSW Government has since approved a scientifically monitored grazing trial in some cypress reserves.

Overview of submissions

As part of the assessment, the Commission released a preliminary summary of available information report and called for submissions on the south-western cypress state forests. We received and considered 75 submissions during the preparation of our assessment report.

  1. Advanced Timber Systems Pty Limited
  2. Area Builders Supply Company
  3. Australian Rainforest Honey Pty Limited
  4. Baradine Sawmilling Company Pty Limited
  5. Blaxlands Ridge Transport Pty Limited
  6. Boots Constructions Pty Limited
  7. Canopy Native Forest Committee (Total Environment Centre)
  8. Central West Tyre Service Pty Limited
  9. Charles Sturt Hotel
  10. Coles Hardware and Glass
  11. Frencham Cypress
  12. G and S Fabricators
  13. General and Precision Engineering
  14. Gordon Logging Pty Limited
  15. Grants Holdings Company Pty Limited - 1
  16. Grants Holdings Company Pty Limited - 2
  17. GS and BD Electrics Pty Limited
  18. Hartwigs
  19. Hayllar Transport Pty Limited
  20. Jack Taylor Electrical
  21. KN Partitions Pty Limited
  22. Lachlan Shire Council
  23. MBS Building Supplies
  24. MD and NK Hoare
  25. Monsons Honey and Apiary Products
  26. Moorooduc Timber and Hardware
  27. Moses and Son Woolbrokers
  28. Narrandera Bowling and Recreation Club Limited
  29. Narrandera Football Club Inc.
  30. Narrandera Rodeo Committee Inc
  31. Narrandera Shire Council
  32. National Parks Association of NSW
  33. NJL Packham Pty Limited
  34. Nowaste Tyre Recyclin
  35. NSW Bird Atlassers Inc
  36. NSW Forest Products Association - 1
  37. NSW Forest Products Association - 2
  38. Peninsula Timber
  39. Ramiens Timber Company Pty Limited
  40. Redenbach and Carey
  41. Riverina Lift Trucks Pty Limited
  42. RJ and JR Stephenson Sawmilling Company
  43. Robinson's Department Store
  44. Scandinavian Forestry and Engineering Pty Limited
  45. Sterling Kershaw and Company
  46. Sutherlands Transport
  47. The Institute of Foresters of Australia
  48. Toomey Pegg Drevikovsky - Lawyers
  49. Twynam Agriculrural Group
  50. Wagga Wagga City Council
  51. W Clark and Sons Pty Limited
  52. Whitby's Betta Electrical
  1. Adam Noll
  2. Barry Keaton
  3. Cecile van der Burgh
  4. Claire Merritt
  5. Daniel Grant
  6. Elder Mrs Bonnie Merritt
  7. Employees - Grants Sawmilling Company
  8. Employees - NJL Packham Pty Limited
  9. John Adams
  10. Julian Domaracki
  11. Marcelle Steele
  12. Matt Weeks
  13. Michael McKinnon
  14. Neville Schrader OAM
  15. Raymond Holmes
  16. Stephen Beattie
  17. Stephen Donelan
  18. Tammy Bugg
  19. Wayne Mathieson

Note: In addition to these submissions, we received four submissions that were confidential.