Timeline of reviews

CAP - Catchment Action Plan
LLS - Local Land Services

2016 Mar
  • Recommendations on LLS strategic plans
2015 May
  • Framework for reviewing LLS strategic plans
Reviews prior to establishment of Local Land Services in January 2014
2013 Dec
  • Appraisal letters on 11 CAPs adapted to LLS boundaries
  • Better practice guide for adapting plans to fit LLS boundaries
  • Report on lessons for LLS for upgrading CAPs
  • Recommendations on four upgraded CAPs
  • Recommendations on five upgraded CAPs
2012 Jun
  • Framework for assessing upgraded CAPs
2011 Nov
  • Report on pilot CAP upgrades in Central West and Namoi regions
2006 Sep
  • Progress report on review of eight CAPs
  • Review of first CAPs

Our role

The Minister for Primary Industries has appointed the Commission as the independent auditor to provide advice on the State Strategic Plan and the Local Strategic Plans under the Local Land Services Act 2013 (the Act).

The Commission's advice will be one of the inputs to the Minister’s approval process.

Review of Local Land Services' strategic plans

The Commission developed a review framework to examine compliance of the state and local strategic plans with legislative requirements, as well as quality of plans using the Performance Standard for Local Land Services as a guide.

Local Land Services released drafts of the state and local strategic plans for consultation in October 2015. The Commission received revised strategic plans following that consultation period and reviewed them to determine:

  • Whether the plan complies with legislative requirements?
  • Whether the plan will help investors (including ratepayers) understand how the plan will deliver their priorities? Whether the plan is relevant to Local Land Services customers?
  • Whether there is a logical link between the vision, priorities, outcomes, actions and the monitoring and reporting?
  • Whether the plan includes time frames for delivery?
  • Whether the plan can be audited to demonstrate success?

The Commission provided its report on the review of strategic plans to the Minister for Primary Industries in March 2016.

Previous work

Prior to the establishment of Local Land Services in January 2014, Catchment Management Authorities developed catchment action plans for their regions.

Between 2006 and 2008, the Commission reviewed all 13 catchment action plans and recommended to Government for approval.

In 2011, Catchment Management Authorities started upgrading their region's catchment action plans. The Commission collaborated with government agencies and developed an assessment framework setting out the review process for upgraded plans.

In 2013, the Commission assessed nine upgraded catchment action plans and recommended that Government approve these plans. The Commission also reported on lessons learned from upgrading plans and developed a Better Practice Guide to help Local Land Services adapt these plans to fit their regions. The 11 adapted Local Land Services plans were reviewed by the Commission to ensure the integrity and intent of original plans was maintained in the transition to Local Land Services.

All the Commission's review reports are available on the publications page.