Commissioners and executives

Brian Gilligan

BA, DipEd, MA
Acting Commissioner

Brian was appointed as Acting Commissioner in December 2016. He has 40 years’ experience in education and environment protection in the public sector, including serving as the Director General of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service after a period as Executive Director Operations with the Environment Protection Authority. He is also a Member of the NSW Planning Assessment Commission. He has led inquiries and evaluations advising governments in various jurisdictions on contentious planning and policy issues, and making recommendations for improvements in program delivery.

Bryce Wilde

BA(Hons), ExecMPA
Executive Director

Bryce has 20 years of experience in the areas of natural resource management, public policy, strategic planning and organisational development. He has been a manager at the Natural Resources Commission since 2005 where, among other achievements, he has led major reviews including review of weed management in NSW, management of cypress forests in Brigalow and Nandewar State Conservation Areas, review of river red gum and woodland forests in the Riverina bioregion, and upgrading of Catchment Action Plans. Prior to joining the Natural Resources Commission, Bryce was a senior manager at the Department of Juvenile Justice. He has provided consultancy services to NSW, Australian and local Governments, and a range of non-government organisations, particularly in the human services field.