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Preserving our natural resources

The social and economic wellbeing of current and future generations is dependent on managing natural resources to sustain both production and conservation. The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) provides independent advice to the NSW Government to achieve these outcomes. Read more >>


Review of weed management in NSW

The Minister for Primary Industries has asked the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) to lead a strategic review of weed management in NSW.

We have released a draft report outlining findings and recommendations. Read more >>

Supplementary pest control

Environment Minister Robyn Parker has announced a three year scientific trial using skilled volunteers to boost pest animal control efforts in 12 national parks and reserves in western NSW.

The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) is working with the Office of Environment and Heritage to develop the monitoring and evaluation program for the trial. The NRC will also independently review the outcomes of the program over the three years to 2016 to determine whether the trial was successful and if it should be expanded across NSW. Read more >>

Active and adaptive management of cypress forests in the Brigalow and Nandewar State Conservation Areas

Through a Terms of Reference, the NSW Government has requested that the Natural Resources Commission assess the active and adaptive management of cypress forests in Brigalow and Nandewar State Conservation Areas (Zone 3 of the Brigalow and Nandewar Community Conservation Area).

The NRC delivered preliminary advice to the Government on 24 December 2013, and is currently undertaking further data collection and analysis to inform a draft report.


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