Feral native species listing - Yellow Mimosa


Advice provided

Advice date:

April 2013


In 2013, the Minister for the Environment requested us to provide advice on the proposed listing of Yellow Mimosa (Vachellia farnesiana) under then NSW Native Vegetation Regulation 2005 as a feral native species in the then Border Rivers-Gwydir, Namoi and Central West Catchment Management Authorities (CMA) regions, as well as across all of NSW.

In April 2013, we provided a final report to the Minister recommending that Yellow Mimosa be listed as a feral native species in the above regions and across NSW. An issues paper supported our review

Our review found that:

  • Yellow Mimosa is found outside of its ‘natural range’ as defined in the Native Vegetation Regulation 2005.
  • Yellow Mimosa is likely impacting both environmental and economic values in a negative way, for example, potentially reducing habitat quality, increasing soil erosion and causing economic loss to agricultural production.
  • Yellow Mimosa needs to be contained before it can establish in new areas and becomes widespread.
  • Improved control of Yellow Mimosa will likely deliver environmental and economic benefits to landholders and NSW.

In August 2013, the Minister listed Yellow Mimosa as a feral native plant species, under native vegetation regulations.

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