Audit and assurance

The Natural Resources Commission Act 2003 requires us to undertake audits of plans and other natural resource management issues, as required by the Minister.

Our audits deliver accountability of service delivery, drive improved performance, and engender community and investor confidence in the audited organisation's activities.

The Government has asked us to be the auditor of Local Land Services.

Audit strategy

In July 2014, we developed an audit strategy and approach to auditing outcomes in line with its legislative requirement to provide Government with independent advice on natural resource management, including through the specific function of undertaking audits, as required by the Minister.

Before that, we released a quick reference guide to help determine the appropriate type of audit service based on level of assurance required, and a brochure introducing its independent audits.

Audit strategy (July 2014)
Introducing the Commission's audits of Local Land Services
Quick reference guide to Commission's audit services