Coastal IFOA monitoring program

Forest health
Water quality
Research and evaluation
Wood supply
Reporting and adaptive management

The monitoring program

The Commission is independently overseeing a monitoring program with the NSW Forest Steering Committee to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the Coastal Integrated Forestry Operations Approval (Coastal IFOA) in achieving its objectives and outcomes.

The Environment Protection Authority and the Department of Primary Industries jointly approved the Coastal IFOA Monitoring Program in March 2020.

Community Forum on forest monitoring

Webinar 1: Baselines, drivers and trends for species occupancy and distribution
Friday 7 October 2022
12:00 - 1:00pm

Join the forum to learn and ask questions about the NSW Forest Monitoring and Improvement Program’s recent work to develop baselines, drivers and trends for species occupancy and distribution in forests across NSW Regional Forest Agreement regions.

This work was commissioned by the Forest Monitoring Steering Committee and undertaken by a team of scientists from leading universities, NSW agencies and the private sector.

Recognised as the largest and most significant project of this type in the history of NSW forest management, the final report is a benchmark in terms of data collation, methodological approach and outcomes.

During the webinar, you will hear findings and insights from the lead researchers, including Prof. Nick Reid and Dr. Rod Kavanagh.

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