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This program area will determine the effectiveness of conditions related to water quality. The program will do this by establishing an evidence base on how the riparian exclusion zones, riparian ground protection zones, road and track protocols and soil conditions adequately maintain water quality in Coastal IFOA state forests.

Monitoring waterway and wetland health

As a first step, the program will review the scientific literature to determine the state of knowledge in water quality and timber harvesting in NSW forests. The review will include relevant research in temporary log crossings, class 1 stream riparian exclusion zones, soil and water protection in intensive harvest operations and exclusion zones for Coastal State Environmental Planning Policy wetlands.

Following this, the program will establish monitoring or research to address knowledge gaps relating to sediment distribution from operations in state forests.

Monitoring landscape-scale trends

The University of Melbourne will deliver baselines, drivers and trends for water quality and quantity in NSW forest catchments. The work will also identify data gaps and key metrics to track thresholds and support modelling future outcomes under different scenarios. A team of eminent researchers will deliver the work including Professor Andrew Western and Associate Professor Angus Webb.