Private native forestry

Private native forestry (PNF), also known as farm forestry, is the sustainable management of native forests on private property for timber production. Private native forests are the largest single component of NSW’s native forest estate, accounting for 37 percent of NSW native forests. PNF is a key resource for the NSW forestry industry and an important land management option for landholders.

We have a role under the PNF Codes of Practice to independently chair the NSW Forest Monitoring Steering Committee, which is tasked with proposing and overseeing a PNF Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Framework.

This work is supported by funding from Local Land Services of $1.5 million over 2 years, as part of a larger $28 million Farm Forestry package.

On behalf of the Steering Committee, we produce annual progress reports. The first annual progress report for this program outlining achievements and progress for 2022-23 is now available.