Local Land Services' Strategic plan reviews


Advice provided

Advice date:

March 2016


The Minister for Primary Industries appointed the Commission as the independent auditor for the Local Land Services’ State Strategic Plan and 11 Local Strategic Plans, as per the NSW Local Land Services Act 2013 (the Act).

In May 2015, the Commission developed an assesment framework to guide the review of strategic plans. The framework was designed to enable assessment of compliance with relevant sections of the Act and quality of the plans using the Performance Standard for Local Land Services as the benchmark.

In March 2016, the Commission provided its final report to the Minister for Primary Industries.

The Commission's review found that the strategic plans comply with all relevant sections of the Act, except for requirements around timeliness. Overall, the plans provide a sound platform for Local Land Services activities and meet the requirements for strategic plans.

The Commission also suggested areas for improvement to help Local Land Services deliver high quality client services while also responding to investor requests, emerging risks and changing community needs:

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