We respect Aboriginal peoples’ custodianship and obligations to country and value the role of cultural knowledge in effective natural resource management. We actively work with Aboriginal experts in natural resource management to guide our reviews, and with Aboriginal knowledge holders and communities to help build our evidence and advice.

We want to hear about Aboriginal experiences, and most importantly, listen and learn. If you would like to tell your story, share knowledge or provide advice please get in touch. You can submit a private message here or email us. If you would like to have a chat instead, then please call us directly on (02) 9228 4844.

The Commission also undertakes a range of supporting activities including:

  • developing an Aboriginal Engagement Strategy 2020 to outline the principles and objectives of our engagement – with the aim of improving respect and recognition of Aboriginal peoples’ values, knowledge, and interests in natural resource management
  • supporting the CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship program to build university students’ confidence and skills in the workforce, and to increase exposure to government and natural resource management issues
  • undertaking cultural awareness training and continuing to promote opportunities for its staff to actively get involved in cultural awareness and activities, and build meaningful relationships with Aboriginal peoples.

Commission purchases Australian Carbon Credit Units

The Commission has purchased Australian Carbon Credit Units through the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation generated through the Tiwi Islands Savanna Burning for Greenhouse Gas Abatement project in the Northern Territory. This helps to support rangers and Traditional Owners manage country while making another step towards our goals of becoming carbon neutral and supporting Aboriginal businesses.

More information about the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation can be found here.

Image: Courtesy of Banbai Rangers (Rangers undertaking a cultural burn)