Review approach

To support our principles of consistency and transparency, we have published our evaluation framework for review of water sharing plans. This framework outlines how we undertake our role consistent with Section 43A of the Water Management Act 2000 (described in more detail below). The framework was finalised after review of public comments on the draft framework. We will periodically review the framework to ensure it accurately reflects our approach and is consistent with good practice.

In reviewing water sharing plans, we aim to contribute to improved and more transparent water management by:

  • evaluating key risks to plan outcomes under current plan provisions, based on a review of evidence, submissions, and stakeholder insights
  • independently assessing plan performance, including achievement of environmental, social (including cultural) and economic outcomes, and alignment with the objects, principles and priorities of the Act
  • identifying areas where water sharing plan provisions can be improved to better achieve outcomes
  • identifying new evidence and good practices to improve plan design and performance.

Our reviews are evidence-based, drawing on a range of sources, including – but not limited to – monitoring data, research and modelling, public submissions, interviews, advice from agencies and expert advice.

Submissions received

We received the following submissions on the draft evaluation framework.